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Acme Technologies

The developers of PageFactory� and other very useful tools which make Web site development a whole lot easier.

MLC Network

MLC Network is a full-service advertising agency with offices in Europe and the U.S. They can provide an effective, coordinated presence for you across the media spectrum � print, radio, TV, and the Internet.

buchhandlung im birkengarten

A very small bookstore located outside Munich with a nice approach to competing with the giants. Received very positive press in the November, 1997 issue of CHIP magazine.

Musikliteratur und Notenversand

Operated by Cordula Roleff, this company offers an impressive selection of sheet music, books, etc. from Europe and the U.S. There is a searchable database of titles.

38th Annual Munich Book Show

This once a year event runs for three weeks in November/December and draws 120,000 visitors to the cultural center of Munich, the Gasteig. Approximatelt 200 publishers from Bavaria display their latest releases, and there are many readings by an impressive list of authors during the course of the show.


A German society of medical doctors, clinics, publishers and others who are involved in the study and treatment of severe headaches. You can get answers to your questions via email with medical experts.

Deutsche Gesellschaft f�r christliche Kunst

A gallery of religious art.

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