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Internet hosting via PageFactory:

Enter and maintain your World Wide Web presentation on a PageFactory server at anytime from anywhere using only your browser. You have complete, 24-hour access for maintenance of your presentation, and it isn’t even necessary to contact us – just pick your account type, enter your HTML (including forms, images and java) and you’re on the Web! If you don’t know HTML, Site Wizards will quickly start you on your way, or you can use any HTML generator and just paste in the results.

As low as $49.95/month! Check it out here!

Note: If you are an Internet Service Provider or an organization who provides (or would like to provide) Web space for your clients or members, but don’t want to invest in the resources required to manage all those accounts, ask us how PageFactory can allow you to offer this service while drastically cutting your admin costs and generating extra revenue!

Intranet / Extranet:

PageFactory will steamline your intranet, making it a simple process for your intranet or extranet participants to publish and maintain interactive intranet content. PageFactory’s built-in management and control facilities take over the burden of work and eliminate most of the risk. PageFactory substantially increases the security level of your intranet/extranet server and vastly reduces administrative effort to manage intranet/extranet accounts and content (one PageFactory customer spends about 15 minutes per day for administration of some 2,000 accounts on his intranet server). It’s a potent tool which will enable you to rapidly implement creative, effective and secure intranet/extranet solutions without putting an extra burden on your Information Technology resources!

Put PageFactory to work in your intranet/extranet! Do it yourself or let CAAT help you design and implement solutions customized for you. Contact us for details.

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Internet / Intranet / Extranet

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