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Web Voyager:

It’s easy and convenient to get your content up on the Web when

you use PageFactory, and the cost is low when you sign up for a

Web Voyager account! You have full access 24 hours a day to create

your site, make changes, add new pages, etc. for as little as

$49.95 per month, and all you need to take advantage of this is

your frames-capable browser! Best of all, you don’t have to wait

for your service provider to load your changes onto the server –

you’re changes go into effect immediately, as you make them!

Web Voyager Basic

Up to 20 pages*. $49.95 startup fee, $49.95/month**. Includes

ability to set up custom forms, plus basic statistics (page

counts), and a GuestBook that people can link in.

Web Voyager Business

Up to 100 pages*. $99.95 startup fee, $99.95/month**.

Includes all Web Voyager Basic services.

Web Voyager Commerce

Up to 100 pages*. $149.95 startup fee, $149.95

monthly**. Includes all Web Voyager Basic services,

plus shopping basket (no programming required).

*Additional pages in 10-page increments @


**5% discount for paying for 12 months in advance.


Customer mailing lists

Visitors can leave their name on-line to receive your news

broadcasts about new products, price changes, offers, etc. Price is

$10 per month. Available for all Web Voyager programs.

Custom domains

Domain Name Service for your own registered custom domain

(“”, for example) is $20 per month. If you do not

have a domain, we can register one for you for a one time fee of

$50 (you must pay InterNIC and any additional ISP fees, such as

those which may be associated with different national domains –

de, ch, it, uk, etc.).

Email addresses

We will forward email addresses under your custom domain or

subdomain (e.g., something like “[email protected]“, or

[email protected]“) to your personal or

business email account. First address free. Additional

addresses in packs of five are $25 per month per pack.

CommerceAvenue domain

A special domain ( has been reserved for business and commerce clients

who wish to be associated with others in an integrated

business environment. CommerceAvenue will be promoted

across the Web as a place to go to find businesses of

all types. A directory will be maintained at

CommerceAvenue containing brief descriptions and

addresses of all the businesses located in the domain.

It will be possible to place advertisements and notices

on the directory page. Location in this domain at the

lowest level (e.g., is

free. Location at a specific address (e.g., is available for $10 per month.


Monthly charge for serving a Web site which uses a

database is $50. Design and development of an

integrated database is possible for an additional


Contact us for more


Secure Server

You may use our secure server to process

sensitive or confidential transactions, such as

creditcards, for a monthly fee of $25 per


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